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Our Clients' Testimonies 

"I had always dreamt of making it big in life, l tried all avenues, different ventures, sangomas, prayer sessions, cleansening, rituals all to no avail, l finally resigned to my fate, then l heard of chief Simba and went to see him just out of curiosity, Now, l believe in miracles, and l have removed the word defeat from my dictionary, never give up, in life, everything is possible! Chief, l have nothing to offer you except announce my happiness to the world."

Anonymous, Botswana

"For 25 years, l have suffered, travelled to different continents, 5 actually, been to Mexico, Brazil, West Africa, India, even to the Maoris of New Zealand looking for the best traditional remedy for my mysterious body pains, l lost close to millions added together, been to the top hospitals, met the best specialists, and been diagnosed with nothing wrong! The pains l underwent, the lose l incurred, then l heard of you, and now l feel like a teenager, sleep like a baby and my inheritance has survived extinction, God bless you."

Ana Patel, Fiji

"Ever had everything in life minus chlidren to carry on your legacy, do you know the feeling, having numerous miscarriages, sleepless nights, scheming specialists who cant tell you what is wrong, now can you imagine when all this turns for the better, and you wake up in the morning to the sweet melody of your kids fighting, sing, crying, the happiness, l wont stop thanking you ever, fact is l have named two of them after you, one is Chief, another is Lion which l believe means the same as Simba."

Mashinini, Richards Bay

"After working for 8 years, no pay increase, no permanent employment contract, unsuccessful visits to sangomas, l came to you, listened, acted, and what next, called in the office to sign and offered this lucrative post befitting my qualifications, just when l was contemplating suicide!!! l recommend you to anyone anytime."

Dumisani, Midrand

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